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      The Command Department on this ship is divised between two positions (outside of the ship's Chain of Command). These two positions are:
  1. The Commanding Officer (Commander Pyresse Kinslayer), and
  2. The Executive Officer (Lieutenant Commander Mike Paraca).

Their job aboard this vessel is to make sure everyone stays in line, and to make sure that the ship stays in one piece.


Push buttons and transfer power from one bit to another. May occasionally be called upon to turn round at their station and play a little tune on another console, usually involving a change in resonance.


Six foot Seven, like phasers and annoyingly stand behind everyone in the background trying to look important. Escort important people on Away Missions and are always the first to die.


Is there a difference? Some say yes, some say no. Some ships have a separate tactical department for people who like to play with bigger weapons and bigger toys. Common phrases include "Firing Phasers", and "Torpedoes Ready".


Have you ever actually seen an engineer? Other than the Chief, they are very very very rarely let out of their grotto down below. Skilled in the fatal art of killing anyone within 30 metres with high-speed technospeak, engineers possess the ability to avert the destruction of the ship with a handy tricorder and their hairclips. Also play games by setting off plasma coolant breaches and running under the isolation door to safety…….ones stuck in get liquefied! Oh the fun! Engineers definitely have more fun.


Aside from an annoying hologram that thinks its unamusing to be activated other than for a medical emergency, Medics erm, fix you. Doesn't matter you have no arms, severe bleeding and a loss of your brain…give it two hours in a stasis unit with a small handheld device that looks like a 1960s cigarette lighter over you and you will be right as rain. Commanding Officers beware, CMOs love to exercise their power of removing you from command.


Two kinds of people here, civilians and military. Civilians usually come in the form of high ranking ambassadors who do nothing at all and only provide a signature once in a while. Chief Diplomatic Officers and their staff on the other hand run around making sure the carpet is clean and that the food won't kill the Tellurian Ambassador, which happens to be an embarrassing moment at any diplomatic occasion.


The most pointless addition to the personnel of the fleet. 4 years of intensive training at the Academy and yet apparently we still need Counsellors to help us through the stresses and strains of scientific exploration that your selection for the Academy didn't root out. Also have the annoying habit of saying blatantly obvious things such as "Oh my god, they are coming straight at us" or "Captain, I sense malicious intent", usually as the ship is being rocked with torpedo explosions and is suffering antimatter containment failure.


The Marines……the Marines….the Marines…..where do I start? Where can I start? Should I really start at all? Fond of blowing things up, killing baddies and generally making a mess, Marines tend to salute a lot and don't like being associated with the "fleeties". Forever shouting, polishing their boots, cleaning some form of hideous torture blade, they also have a promotion system that I don't pretend to understand. Most likely to be seen off duty in the bar drinking "men's drinks" and either throwing tables about or swapping stories about how many tons of force their latest bombs make.

I would like to thank Falkirk's Guide to Obsidian Fleet for this information.