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Starting Date aboard the USS Rama - NCC-80001: December 1, 2001


Personal History

Career Information: Commendations/Awards: One commendation for service above and beyond the call of duty. More information on this is available in the Academy History segment of this record, or by request from Jason Hawk. Borg medal of courage.

Pre-Academy History:

Jason was born on a starfleet ship, the USS Dechelsis, to Lynne and William Hawk; the XO and CSO respectively. Growing up in a starfleet family as the only child put strain on Jason. He was instilled with the fact that he was the only one to carry one the Hawk family name after his two sisters joined (and were killed in) the Maquis. This fact weighed heavily on Jason's shoulders, making him strive for perfection in everything he did. While he was in school, onboard the Dechelsis, he was often held as an example for the rest of the class. This, to his dismay, earned him the honorary title of 'teachers pet'. He never really out grew this name, for he always strived for perfection; which in turn pleased most of his teachers.
By the time he entered High School, he moved to San Fransisco, to live with his uncle James Morris, an instructor at Starfleet Academy. From him he learned how to 'loosen up' when he had no work to be done. Jason lived with him until the day he moved into the Academy Dorms. To this day he still corresponds with him, and holds him in the highest regard as her favourite uncle, despite the fact that he is his only uncle still living.

Academy History:

Jason's 'workaholich' attitued carried on into his four year stay at the Academy. He was like so many other 'over-acheivers' in the fact that he was always seen with some sort of work related PADD in his clutches, even on weekends.

This attitude, though like many others, earned the attention of Captain Duggan, his soon to be sponsor. As it turned out, Captain Duggan was a long time family friend of both his parents, and a colleague of his uncle. Though he had ties with his family, he in no way made his Freshman through Senior years any easier than the average cadet. He often quizzed him on his classes while they were eating with his uncle. He always seemed to impress the Captain, but never seemed to notice it, infact so much that he got Jason a place in Red Squad. His presence in Red Squad went down good in his record, and to this day, he still wears the emblem of Red Squad, and sometimes meets up with old Red Squad friends for traning missions.
By the time his Senior year rolled around, Jason was somewhat well know on campus. He had been posted on a ship, the USS Amen-Ra, in his junior year as a engineering cadet, and returned to San Fransisco with commendations from both the ships Captain, and her Chief Engineer. It seems the ship came under attack from a renegade Cardassian ship, resulting in quite a few casulties, including the Chief Engineer. During the duration of the attack, Jason took charge of engineering, even though higher ranking officers were present. The circumstances from which he took control can be viewed by request by Jason Hawk..
As it was, he graduated with the major's of; Command, Engineering and Quantum Pyhsics, with a minor in holotechnology.

Post Academy History:

After graduating from Starfleet Academy, Jason moved again to take up position on the USS Amen-Ra. He served their for two years under the same officers that commended him for his service when he was a cadet. When he turned 23, Captain Johnston of the Amen-Ra convinced him to take the new classes being offered on the Academy ship, San Fransisco. Unknown to him, this is where he would meet his future captain.
With the new rank of Lieutenant (j.g), he graduated from the San Fransisco and moved on to serve on Starbase 142, there he served for two and a half years, before moving on to serve on his fathers ship as a newly promoted Lieutenant Senior Grade.
He spent a year and a half under his Father and his Mother, who was now the second officer. During his service on the Dechelsis, he saved his mothers life when she was attacked by a Jem'Hadar.

Complete List Of Service:

Starfleet Academy (San Fransisco, Earth) Cadet 1-4, 4 years Major: Command, Engineering, Astropyhsics Minor: Holotechnology, Operations

USS Amen-Ra (Various) Cadet 3rd Class - Engineering cadet Ensign - Engineer

Starbase 142 (Sol System Defence Station, Orbiting Proxima Centuri Lieutenant (j.g) - Engineer Lieutenant - Assistant Engineer

USS Dechelsis (Various) Lieutenant Senior Grade - Assistant Cheif Engineer

Personal Information:

Father: William Hawk, Admiral, Commanding Officer USS Dechelsis, 62 yrs Mother: Lynne Hawk, Commander, Second Officer/ USS Dechelsis, 60yrs Spouse: Kilyana, Captain, Commanding Officer USS Melbourne Siblings: Samantha [Deceised] Lori [Deceised] Children: Andrew, 10 Alexis, 6 Special Plans: To one day make it to Fleet Admiral and command his own Fleet.



Character Awards: "None as of yet".

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