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So, you've made it this far already... question is - "Where do I go from here?" Who knows? Perhaps you have a position in mind that you wish to have, perhaps you still have no idea why you're here. Perhaps you just want me to stop blabbering so that you can get to the Application Form. Happy? Well, now for the rest of you. If you have never been a member of Obsidian Fleet, then you can grab hold of the Obsidian Fleet Rules and Regulations here. It is extreamly important that you read these Rules and Regulations before you click the "Submit" Button on the Application Form - for ANY ship. It could save you a great deal of trouble. Finally, for those of you who are still not satisfied - and are wondering which position to take, you can click here for a description of each and every department, listed for your conveniance. I hope these Help Files have helped you in choosing your final decision. Thank you and have a good day.

          Commander Pyresse Kinslayer
          Commanding Officer
          USS Rama
          Obsidian Fleet

What!? Still have no idea on which order you should view these pages? Very well, very well. Here is the most important order...
  1. Obsidian Fleet Rules and Regulations
  2. Rama Department Descriprions
  3. The USS Rama's Application Form
  4. Obsidian Fleet HeadQuarters