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Starting Date aboard the USS Rama - NCC-80001: October 30, 2001


Personal History

Gender: Male

Home World/Place of Birth: Hiroshima, Japan Age: 25 Date of Birth: May 5, 2352 (Shorai 33 Nen 5 Gatsu 5 ka)

Physique/Build: Tsuyoshi is of Japanese decent. He has dark almond shaped eyes and jet black hair. Tsuyoshi is of average build and in no way looks remarkable when it comes to strength. However, dont let his size fool you, Tsuyoshi is more powerful than one would imagine. He also knows how to use his body in such a way to use larger opponents size against them.

Height: 177cm Weight:80kg Eye color: BrownHair color: Black Skin tone: Asian (Tan)

Distinguishing marks: One kanji (Chinese character) tattooed on each shoulder blade. Together they say "muteki" Japanese for "Invincible." Tsuyoshi is right-handed (his brother, Ryu, uses his left).

Family: Single (Unmarried)

Parents: Tetsuo Ikeda (Father) Masae Ikeda (Mother)

Siblings: Keiko Hirano (Older sister, 28) Ryu Ikeda (Brother, twin, 25) Hanako Ikeda (Younger sister, 16)

Talents/Abilities: Tsuyoshi has studied the art of judo since he was able to walk, per his fathers demands. Due to his years of devotion to this art he has become very talented at hand to hand combat. He has also practiced gymnastics and tumbling which have led him to become quite agile and nimble.

Special Abilities: None known

Strengths: Tsuyoshis studies have taught him to become very quite and stealthy. He moves extremely silently and can very easily slip past people. As a game to Tsuyoshi he likes to sneak up on his friends and scare the crap out of them.

Limitations: Being brought up in a very traditional Japanese family and society, Tsuyoshi is very xenophobic towards other species. He is able to put this behind him to cooperate and work with other species, but in his mind he can and probably will never trust another species other than Terran.

Likes: Cold sushi, warm sake, and a hot onsen. Tsuyoshi also likes reading the haiku works of Basho.

Dislikes: Tsuyoshi despises anyone who says, or even thinks, that Terrans are a weak species. He also cant stand people who can not be on time (and prefers them to be early). He sees these people as unreliable, therefore, untrustworthy.

Ambitions: Tsuyoshis name means strong ambition and he is true to his name. Being the second born by a mere matter of minutes Tsuyoshi has always had to strive harder to gain the same recognition as his twin Ryu. Tsuyoshi sees himself as becoming a CO of a ship someday and believes that his vessel and crew will go on to do extraordinary thing.

Quirks: Being Japanese, Tsuyoshi always removes his shoes when entering his and other peoples quarters. He also sleeps on the floor and tries to eat all his meals with his personal chopsticks, which he carries almost everywhere.

Hobbies/Interests: Outside of judo, Tsuyoshis next interest lies in writing haiku. Some of his poems have been published in Japan and become famous. Tsuyoshis haiku reflects the work of Basho. However, instead of describing the beauty of nature that Basho did, Tsuyoshis haiku captures the beauty of space.

Education: Tsuyoshi graduated from Heiwa High School in Hiroshima at the age of 18 and immediately chose his path, which led him into Starfleet Academy. He has trained there for four years. Tsuyoshi also spent 15 years studying judo at the Miyajima Judo Budokan.

Service Record/Career History: Graduated Starfleet

AcademyPromotion History: TBD

Medical/Psychology Report: Ikeda, Tsuyoshi is in outstanding physical and psychological health.



Character Awards: "None as of yet".

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