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Starting Date aboard the USS Rama - NCC-80001: April 27, 2001


Personal History

Pyresse Kinslayer was born on Romulus. Pyresse has only one son who is currently the MCO aboard the USS Gladiador (Romulan/Vulcan). He was married to T'Lann Kinslayer (Vulcan) for quite some time. Pyresse served as a loyal officer to the Romulan Star Empire.

In his earlier years as part of the Romulan Star Empire, Pyresse would leave for his office every morning at daybreak. His Vulcan wife would stay home with the shutters shut and Verminaard would stay indoors.

A few more years pass and Verminaard is old enough to go to school. He was always pleased when the bell would ring and he could return home... until one day... The last bell for the day had finally rung. Verminaard was the first out of the school and ran down the block to his home... same routine as always to escape the schoolyard bully. When he returned home, the lights were dimmer and the house had an unnatural gloom to it. Verminaard walked in to find no one around. He cautiously walked up the stairs wondering where his mother was. "She NEVER leaves the house." he kept saying to himself, "Where is she?" He reached the second floor and listened. Nothing. He put his books down and walked into his parents room. Nothing. He started to leave, but just as he closed the door, he could hear a large thump. He opened the door again. Everything looked the same. He walked in farther and saw the closet doors opened... revealing his mother... raped and brutally killed. Too scared to do anything, he ran out of the room and into his room, locked the door and hid under his bed. Shortly later, Pyresse came home and found his wife dead in the closet. Horrified, he called in Planetary Security. Ever since that day, Young Verminaard hated the Star Empire.

A few years pass and Verminaard is uncertain what to do for the rest of his life... stay here with the Star Empire, or go other places and leave this rock called Romulus. Finally, his answer came when he looked through his mother's belongings. Being Vulcan, she was born on a planet called Vulcan, held within the Great Federation of Planets. Verminaard thought that he spent enough of his life with Pyresse's heritage, and it was time to follow his mother's. But, of course, Pyresse forbid it when Verminaard brought it up. Verminaard hated Pyresse for that. "How can he be so selfish!?" Verminaard wondered. The next day, Verminaard stowed away on a shuttle that headed towards the Neutral Zone.

After Verminaard left Romulus, Pyresse returned home to find out that Verminaard went against his wishes. Enraged, Pyresse stole a Romulan vessel and took off for Federation territory, cloaked and with quite a few friends with him.

While Pyresse defected from The Romulan Star Empire, Young Verminaard had found his way into StarFleet Academy.

After completion of the Academy, he was shipped off to the USS Gladiator. When Pyresse learned where Verminaard was, he had to do everything in his power to get him back. He even had insiders to create a new type of life-form, now known as Acidic Life Forms (Also known as ALFs). Pyresse was foiled in his first attempt and tried once again on a barren planet. Foiled. Pyresse and his crew were even killed by the Gladiator, but if it weren't for certain re-generative properties on the planet, they would've stayed like that.

Shattered after two attempts... Pyresse completely turned his back to the Romulan Star Empire and decided to make a new life for himself in StarFleet. Hoping, that one day, his son would forgive him.



Character Awards: "None as of yet".

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