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Starting Date aboard the USS Rama - NCC-80001: January 7, 2002


Personal History

Height: 6'7" Eyes: Blue Hair: Black Built: Slim, Athletic

Special Abilities: Ocular Implants of greater vision Increase in strength

DOB: Unknown

Past History: I was found on a deserted planet, in a wreckage of a Borg ship, I was the only survivor. I was also disconnected from the hive mine, I had no direction, and so I enlisted in the Academy to make a new life for my self, to create a future, of not being Borg.

It was had at times, but I strived to make something of myself, to help people that I once hurt and even killed. When I graduated from the Star Fleet, I requested a transfer to the Obsidean Fleet. My request was granted, my departure was immediate.

Personality: At times he can be blunt and out spoken, but he always takes his work seriously, without humor. He always weighs the Pro/Cons to every situation to create a positive Outcome. He rarely involves him self in Recreational activities, and more in his work.



Character Awards: "None as of yet".

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