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Starting Date aboard the USS Rama - NCC-80001: August 24, 2001


Personal History

Born on a bojoran border colony in 2348, to a human geologist(father) and a human engineer pilot(mother)jovina spent part of her life with her folks on a research shelter in the extreme sourthern pole of the planet Genisha II.

Attacked in 2355 by a cardassian battlegroup, she and her mother, escaped from the system in an old 'galeleo' class warpshuttle, limped at warp 1.45 for 32 days till they reached the nearest federartion. from there took passage to earth, arriving in october 2355. lived in the bajoran styks of the us city of boston till entering starfleet at 16 in 2364. specialized in piloting and emergancy repairs/engineering. she graduated in the 20th percentile, in 2370. first posting was aboard the uss defrees(reliant class)were she spent equal time on the bridge and in steller cartography mapping over 40 systems in three years along the rimward border.

returned to earth in 2373 shortly after the borg incursion, sent to the front to the uss frementle(nebula class)for the opening shots of the dominion war where she her ship was shot out from around her (she was one of only 123 survivors out of a crew of 656)spent rest of war stationed on sb 235. when she asked for a posting to a sovereign class ship.



Character Awards: "None as of yet".

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