Near the end of the Dominion war, some people in Starfleet began to ask for Fighters and Attack craft with longer ranges. These could be used to patrol the space near planets and starbases, and even for Starships if their sensors were offline from battle damage. The crew of the USS Tolkien put forth specs for a longrange fighter, the Razor Class.

Razor Class Interceptor

Construction History:
January: CO and crew of the USS Tolkien submits a brief for a third class of Attack Fighter. General brief is as follows. Longrange, small, well armed, maneuverable craft, able to mass together to attack a target from several different directions, or scout/patrol if needed. Capable of a maximum of warp 4 and fitted with shields and weapons.
Febuary: ASDB approved the general idea. Design work begins at Antares Fleet Yards. J-Type phaser designed for the class to increase firepower.
April: Design work is completed and prototype begins construction. Basic space frame is laid out according to the design. Mini computer core installed. Rogue class Micro Cochrane engine is used in the Class.
May: Warp engine is fitted, however to allow for longer flight times, maximum speeds fall. Computer core is deemed operational and basic testing on the Fighter begins.
June: Ship passes all regulatory control and proceeds with testing.
July: Ship is proved to be operational and Starfleet examines the performance. The fighter is commissioned and Starfleet places an order for 430 Fighers to be distributed within the Federation.